1The Good Stuff Is Now 100% Safe And Legal

These gummies are so legal man, you can take them anywhere in the US... A plane, the mall, the movies- anywhere!

The 2018 Farm Bill, made the full-spectrum hemp in Cruise Chews 100% federally legal. No medical card or prescription needed!

Plus - they’re totally safe: No contaminants. No heavy metals. Just the perfect ratio of hemp extracts to give you a smooth, mellow, relaxing ride, every time.

2You’re gonna LOVE this Cruise…

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or complete newbie, Cruise Chews have just the right amount for you.

Cruise Chews’ mild blend of nano-hemp botanicals lets you control the Cruise. No unplanned trips to the “dark side”...No anxious thoughts or nasty side effects.

One gummy perfectly takes the edge off of a long day at work…. Or try 3 if you’re looking to “tune in and drop out.” (We call that a “Cruise Missile”... )

3You Can Bring a Whole "Party"
In Your Pocket…

We like to keep it simple, man! With a jar of Cruise Chews on you, you're set. You can ditch all the "accessories" that usually comes with taking a ride. That means:

  • No smoke
  • No lighter
  • No mess
  • No smell
  • No "glassware"
  • Just a tasty gummy – For the perfect, easy Cruise, every time.

4They TASTE Almost as GREAT as They Make You FEEL

Each jar of Cruise Chews has 5 delicious, refreshing fruit flavors:

  • Green Apple
  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Pineapple

With just a hint of that “herby” aftertaste that let’s you know they’re working…

5Ditch The Hangover,
Not The Fun

No matter how fun your night is, it hardly seems worth it when you have to deal with a nagging hangover the next day…

But with Cruise Chews, you’ll never feel that regret once the ride is over.

Sure, these gummies are fun, but they can also help lift your mood, help you sleep, ease aches and pains, and a lot more.

You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to carry those Good Vibes with you throughout your day.

6We Make House Calls!
(Well… not US… Your Mailman.)

The days of waiting around for your burnout friend to pick up their phone or meet you in the park are long gone, man.

You can get Cruise Chews sent directly to your door in the mail. You don’t even have to leave your house.

And don’t worry...You’re neighbors will have no idea! We ship in discreet boxes, and promise we won't show up to your house in our van!

Note: The ONLY state we don't ship to is Idaho. All other states are 100% A-OK!.

7We don’t make them

Let’s face it, most hemp “labs” are just a random guy mixing stuff up in a bathtub you wouldn’t wash your socks in.

Not US! We love this plant too much to abuse it.

So we hire (REAL) doctors to formulate and manufacture every last gummy.

And Cruise Chews are made in an FDA-registered facility with an honest-to-god hemp processing license.

8There’s Plenty to Share
(if You WANT To…)

The only thing better than a cruise?

Cruising with a friend.

Each jar of Cruise Chews contains 30 chews, so you’ll have plenty to share. (...or plenty to keep to yourself. We don’t judge.)

And Cruisin' won’t break the bank… You can try Cruise Chews for less than $2 per gummy.

When you buy up to 6 jars, you can save even more.

9No Middle Man, Man!

With Cruise Chews, you don't have to know a guy who knows a guy...

The only way to get Cruise Chews is direct from us to you… right here on this page.

No middle men. No extra cost. No uncomfortable silences.

Just super convenient, safe, and legal hemp gummies, delivered straight to you in the mail.

10It’s Cheech and Chong!

Need we say more?

We're 50 YEARS into this. We didn't just do it before it was cool... We made it cool...

Who you gonna trust when it comes to hemp, man?

Us, or your friend's nephew Chad who just got back from Denver?

Get Ready To Take A Cruise
With Cheech & Chong's Very Own Cruise Chews (No Travel Required)

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They taste like little gummy drops. They're SO good!

Lena K.Verified

Honestly, who better to trust than Cheech and Chong themselves?

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Whenever I need a pick me up or a wind me down, I reach for my Cruise Chews by Cheech and Chong.

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